Early childhood care and education is enhanced by theories that foreground the cultural and socially constructed nature of learning. From this perspective, learning and development are inextricably intertwined and are enmeshed within the milieu of social relationships. The child develops not in isolation but in the context of family, neighbourhood, community, society and public policies. Children's early learning and development, therefore, is a matter for the whole of society as well as Global Public School.

Do you wish you could apply creative thinking at work to try new things? Do you doubt your own capacity for creativity and innovation?
Do you have trouble getting creative thinking and solutions from your team?

Discover new ways to break through mental barriers and raise your, yes "Your", foot towards the path of innovation and creativity.

Mrs. Aditi Ketkar
Activity Coordinator

Children learn in collaboration with others yet have to develop learning for themselves.
True collaborative exploration takes place where all participants influence the direction, timing, and outcome of the investigation.

Mrs. Savita Soni
Academic Coordinator

Parents tend to think that children are naturally loving and generous with their affection.
This is true, but for loving sentiments to last, they need to be reciprocated.
"I love you" is probably the one that a child is least likely to hear.

Mrs. Riti Jain
Global Kids Coordinator

An examination is a special test to see how good somebody is at something.
Thus believe in your hard work and the efforts you have put in.
Success will be yours at the end.

Mrs. Vijaya Khandelwal
Examination Coordinator