Special Events

SN Events
1 AEP Workshop, Pool Party, Interactive Games
2 Interhouse Geo Quiz, Investiture Ceremony
3 Theme based Fancy Dress Competition, Debate Competition
4 Display Board Competition
5 Vermi Composting- Eco Club activity
6 French Day Celebration
7 Interhouse Math Quiz
8 Science and Social Exhibition
9 Interhouse Spell Bee Competition
10 Independence Day Celebration, Interhouse Skit Competition
11 Workshop on Happiness Quotient
12 Skit Competition, Outdoor Visit
13 Interhouse G.K. Quiz
14 Workshop on Child Safety and Life Skills
15 Best out of Waste Activity
16 Children's Day Celebration- Movie Show and Picnic
17 Social Service Project
18 Interhouse Folk Dance Competition
19 Sports Day, Republic Day Celebration
20 Farewell Party
21 Open Forum, Rally, Workshop on Career choices